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Hi danish guys, Haloween isn't exactly celebrated for ' older people ' but kids are quite fond of it anyway we will all come to the hostel and have a huge party.
I will dress up as Dante from Devil may cry because he is a real bad-ass :D

Re: Halloween by Ibrean Razvan-MihaiIbrean Razvan-Mihai, 13 Oct 2010 13:11

hello friends..for halloween i wont' dress up..because i don't like it..

Re: Halloween by Cristina ConsolinoCristina Consolino, 13 Oct 2010 13:08


for the 31th october i wont' dress nothing because i don't like it…

Re: Halloween by Nicholas GigliutoNicholas Gigliuto, 13 Oct 2010 13:07

hi guys how's it going?

Re: Halloween by Adriano CapriottiAdriano Capriotti, 13 Oct 2010 12:59

At my house my mom makes the dinner, and sometimes i do. And it taste always good when my mom makes it…

Re: Halloween by Didde2300Didde2300, 20 Sep 2010 09:14

all of you, are going to vote on the persons that you think are the best dressd and then me and Christian will count the votes, and then we will pronounce the winner!! :D

Re: Halloween by Alberthe Alberthe , 20 Sep 2010 09:12

for breakfast I drink coffee and eat a roll with chocolate or ryebread with eggs. sometimes I bring my own lunch to school or otherwise i buy some lunch. my sister or my mom makes dinner but we eat pretty late because my dad comes home from work late.

At my house it is mostly my mom who makes the dinner but sometimes my sister and I helps her. But it tastes so much better when my mom makes it.:D

To breakfast I sucuk, wich is a turkish sausage with eggs. To dinner i eat, pizza, pasta or things like that.

hvad siger du, yumurta kaffa?!.
eat my crap :D!

Re: Halloween by Mesut ChampMesut Champ, 20 Sep 2010 09:04

The ingredients you need to make the bread:
20 grams Yeast
3.5 dl. Water
1 Tbsp. Salt
250 g Rye flour, dark
250 grams flour
2 dl. Rye kernels. cut / cracked

how to make the bread.
Crumble the yeast and Stir in water, which is heated to 35 degrees C.

Salt, flour and the crushed rye addition and knead dough until it is smooth and shiny. The dough covered with a damp cloth and raise 2 hours.

The dough is beaten down and shaped into a loaf that is put into a greased baking tin and after raising 45 minutes.

The bread brushed with water and bake at 250grader C for approx. 45 minutes.

The last 15 minutes of baking time taken bread out of the mold and bake on the plate so the crust becomes crisp.

Danish rye bread by Alberthe Alberthe , 20 Sep 2010 09:03

hahaha. buy some expensive ? :D

Re: Halloween by Mesut ChampMesut Champ, 20 Sep 2010 09:01

btw. there are two awards, in the catagories of best female costume, and best male costume. hope you enjoy the idea (:

Re: Halloween by bob siegfredbob siegfred, 20 Sep 2010 09:00

Duu HElt Færdig Mesut

Re: Halloween by imad-aldenimad-alden, 20 Sep 2010 09:00
Re: Halloween
MaajaMaaja 20 Sep 2010 08:59
in discussion IL PROGETTO / Idee di progetto » Halloween

Halloween in Italy.
Isabella and I, we want to be a female version of Dracula. Because, we looooooove blood!!!
And the costume is a surprise!!

¯\(°_o)/¯ Muhahahhahaha Watch out, we may kill all of you, one by one.

Re: Halloween by MaajaMaaja, 20 Sep 2010 08:59

i've planned to buy a trophy, and hand it as an award for the best costume.
so make sure to dress up SCARY! :D

Re: Halloween by bob siegfredbob siegfred, 20 Sep 2010 08:55

Me and mikkel want to dress like Bjarne and Svend, in the movie " De Grønne Slagtere" ( the green butchers )

Re: Halloween by Mesut ChampMesut Champ, 20 Sep 2010 08:54

My mom is the one who make my breakfast; there is tea and other Arabic breakfasts.
There is Humus, Foul, Zaatar, and there is more but it’s kind of confusing.
But when its dinner time, there is going to be a big meal, because my babba eats a lot.

Re: Halloween
Sanaa Sanaa 20 Sep 2010 08:50
in discussion IL PROGETTO / Idee di progetto » Halloween

I want to dress up as a witch, because I like the way a witch act and turn people in to different kinds of things. And I love to be evil hahahah

Re: Halloween by Sanaa Sanaa , 20 Sep 2010 08:50
Re: Halloween
HadzereHadzere 20 Sep 2010 08:47
in discussion IL PROGETTO / Idee di progetto » Halloween

I want to be a ghost because it's eazy, cheep and kind of scary.

Re: Halloween by HadzereHadzere, 20 Sep 2010 08:47
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